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In one sentence

  1. ...what is your blog about?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. shesboxingclever

    My blog is about my life, as I live it.

  3. is aimed at becoming a better blog, building a better blog and effective blog promotion. is my personal development, growth and relationships blog contains information and techniques I use for transforming and improving my life.

  4. interesting, useful, entertaining, random or pointless websites.

  5. I'm going to go alone with Shesboxingclever, mines about my life as well. Although I'm starting to blog about my hopes that it can help someone else out as well.

  6. My blog is about debauchery.

  7. Tales of a teenage superhero.

  8. be whole now is a gallery of intelligent inspiration for evolving humans.

  9. My blog is about the random things that happen to me or that I think about.

  10. Blogs are supposed to be about something? That sounds like a lot of work.

  11. I have 3 blogs

    1. Bokunosekai.wordpress is about everything that I like; such as book reviews, movie reviews, current event, my students, my pets, etc.

    2. Novroz.wordpress is about my daily life written in my native language

    3. kamekroten.wordpress is my pet's blog, I try to write as if they are the one who writes the post

  12. @Timethief how can we have nickname like yours in this forum? You use Timethief but your blog's url is not timethief.

    I want my nickname to be Novroz although my url is bokunosekai.wordpress.

    Sorry for being out of topic.

  13. My blog is about awesome poetry!

  14. my blog is all about what i do - on a daily basis, advice on life & learning

  15. My life is about me trying to get a love life and the mess that I make of it on a daily basis. ;)

  16. Mine is mostly about visul and mental observations. A place for me to go BLAAAAHHHHH!


    SB is about politics, pop culture and questioning life in general.

  18. One of the Guys is nothing more then the ramblings of a gamer chick and her struggles with ‘the guys’ as well as accounts of her gaming life and her life beyond.

  19. @bokunosekai

    Buy a Domain. But I might cost you!!

  20. I started off my blog to post my first every written article.
    It was about child labor.

    Then I started using it as my Technical Archieve. Java codes this
    and that...

    Then started writing my post (personal and general) since I have
    a space/blog for myself.

    Thats how my blog evolved.

    Sry for using more sentenses and thus going off topic. Wait a sec,
    Is it not Off-Topic forum? ;)

  21. Simple Science.

  22. A blog about blogging .......'nuff said ...!

    Blogging Perspectives Daily

  23. @freddie Thx, at least now I know :)

  24. @freddie ... hehehe I've forgotten that I have 2 blogs...this one use my nickname as my url. From now on I'll be Novroz not bokunosekai again :)

  25. @bokunosekai and novroz,

    Good Going ppl.. Happy Blogging :)

  26. my blog is about
    seo marketing

  27. My blog highlights the typically overlooked, bizarre things (and people) in life.

  28. Ramblings and rants about the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright ridiculous from a Londoner's perspective.

  29. "Imagine Into Being" seeks to contribute a number of intentional and very different possibilities for the world through a series of co-created imaginings.

  30. Album reviews (both new and retrospective looks on past ones) and rants about awful acts like Black Eyed Peas and Bangs.

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