In process of tranfering from, I lost all of my blogs!

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    Hi, Webmaster,
    Pls see my title, I lost all of them as I want to upgrade my space to
    Unfortunately, I can’t go back to to re-upgrade to
    but fortunately for me, I leave backup in my computer!!!!
    I hope to get support from yourside. Could you help me to assign all of them in my new blog in
    If all of my friends list also can be transfered to

    The blog I need help with is



    A tip:
    Actually,I just finished step. 2, during step 3 finishing and next to step 4. I am stuck!
    That means, I haven’t finish all of step for transfering.
    How can I do?



    It can take a few hours for your blog to transfer. Sometimes an email has been sent a bit early. Keep in mind there are 30,000,000 live space people all running through the same door.

    If your blog does not show up in a few hours contact support:

    You data is safe so even if the transfer crashed your blog can be retrieved. M/S is supposed to be keeping all your data they just won’t let you look at it anymore.



    PS – if something go stuck along the way and you got hung up – go ahead and contact support now.

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