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In Search of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

  1. Dear Reader:

    The answer to the question, where are the ten northern tribes, is so simple
    that no one believes it. At the time the prophets prophesied, especially
    Isaiah, the name of Israel was upon the northern tribes, not Judah. This can
    be proven by the context of Isaiah, for it was those of Israel who chased
    after idols or strange gods that he prophesied. It was for this reason, God
    took away their identity. They were dispersed throughout all the nations
    after their enslavement. Weren't all nations, other than the Old Holy Nation,
    heathen, pagan nations? Didn't they become as the heathen? Wasn't it
    impossible for Judah and Israel to keep in contact? After so many generations
    they would no longer know each other or speak the same language, right? If I
    were to return to the country or countries of my ancestors, they would not
    know me and vise versa. They would not be able to understand me and vise
    versa. I would not be called English, Irish, Scottish, or Dutch, I would
    be called American. It was the exact, same thing for the Gentiles. Not
    all the pagan came out from among the heathen, just some of them. They were
    called Gentiles because that was what kind of the countries they came out
    from and the Lord had removed their identity, the same way my English, Irish,
    Scottish, or Dutch identity has removed from me.

    Over and over the prophets prophesied this prophesy, thus saith the Lord, I
    will take Israel (not Judah) out from among the heathen or nations whither
    they have gone. The name Israel, at this time, was upon the ten northern
    tribes and not those of Judah.

    If we use the reference column of the King James Version (not the new KJV),
    we are referred from Judah and Israel to Jew and Gentile or from Israel to
    something being said to the Gentiles, hundreds of times and vise versa.
    Some would have us believe that this reference column is not inspired of God.
    Who are they to judge who God can and can't inspire? How dare they dictate
    the inspirations of God? Wasn't the KJV reference column put there to
    protect the truth, so that there would be a way out from the apostacy/defection
    from the truth, that comes out of the temple/church in the last days?

    The same applies to Strong's Concordance, which defines the word Jew as
    those of Judah, the southern kingdom of Judah, or a Judean. NOT ONCE, were the
    ten northern tribes of Israel ever called Jew in the entire Bible, which
    supports this definition. The deceptions of Satan, and his angels, has the
    whole world believing otherwise. If we give this deception the benefit of the
    doubt, the fact remains, the ten northern tribes identity was removed from
    them and all are in agreement to this.

    In the NAS 1 Peter 2:9 both Jew and Gentile believers are told they are a
    chosen race. This verse in the KJV refers to Israel before the split up,
    Deut 10:15.

    Acts 15:14 tells us that, Simeon hath declared how God at the first did
    visit the Gentiles, to take out of them A PEOPLE for his name.

    This doesn't say all people or any people, it says A PEOPLE. In the NIV
    this verse refers us to 2 Peter1:1 (us and them) then to 1 Peter 1:1 (the
    strangers living in other nations) then to James 1:1 (the twelve dispersed
    tribes) and then to Deut 32:26 (the removal of their identity).

    In the KJV version, Micah 5:6-13 tells us that a remnant of Israel (those
    who chased after idols) would be among the Gentiles.

    How much more simple could it be?

    Romans 11:25-27 tells us, that once the Gentiles be come in, ALL Israel
    will be saved as it was written. That would be Judah and Israel, wouldn't

    1 Cor 10:1-4 Jew and Gentile believers are told that ALL their fathers came
    through the sea with Moses and refers back to all Israel several times.

    Every knee bowing unto Christ refers to the 10 northern tribes of Israel's
    return. Rom 14:11 and Phil 2:10 to Isaiah 45:23, read the context Isa
    45:15-23 (those of Israel who made idols). From Gentile to those of Israel
    who made idols.

    The wall of Eph 2:11-19 was not the wall between God and man it was the
    wall between Judah and Israel (Jew and Gentile). KJV, Eph 2:14 to John 10:16
    to Eze 37:22 context of Judah and Israel coming back together and having one
    king, NIV John 10:16 to Eph 2:11-19 and Eze 37:24 Judah and Israel coming
    back together
    and having one King, and the NAS John 10:16 to Eph 2:13 and Eze 37:24 Judah
    and Israel coming back together and having one King.

    From the wall between Jew and Gentile to Judah and Israel coming back
    together and having one King.

    1 Cor 1:23 tells us, But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a
    stumblingblock and unto the Greeks (Gentiles) foolishness.

    This verse refers to:


    From Jew and Gentile to both houses of Israel.

    What people believe today, is contrary to what Christ told the Caananite
    Woman, in Matt 15:24 I am not sent BUT unto the lost sheep of the house of

    The lost sheep of the house of Israel were the ten northern tribes, who
    were put away and punished, those who chased after strange gods and those
    he gave a bill of divorcement to, but said he would redeem them.

    If we exclude any evidence, as some would do, how can the apostasy be
    undone? How can the truth be reveal in the last days? Again, if the Christian
    world knows the truth today, how can anything be revealed to them, in the
    last days? Doesn't Revelations mean apocalypse, which means to reveal?

    We can be part of the revealing or part of the deception, it is our choice.

    The I Am of the Old Testament, who is the Christ of the New Testament said
    in Numbers 6:27 And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel and I
    will bless them.

    This happened long ago, when Jew and Gentile (Judah and Israel) came to
    Christ, when their name was changed to Christian.

    The Search for the Ten Northern Tribes ends with this book, which can be read at the link below.

    Ken Hill

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