In the WordPress forums, can you talk about high school culture ?

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    All I wanted to know is if I can talk about high school stuff in the WordPress forums such as lesbians in High School or D-Bag Football players, etc without getting a negative reaction and being reported/deleted/banned. In these posts that I will make, I will come up with 3- 8 scenarios and will ask if any of you guys have come across them. High School can basically count as a culture or a subculture. Given today’s standards and society.

    The blog I need help with is



    you can talk about High School culture on your blog – but not in this forum – this forum is for technical support of problems with blogs hosted on WordPress.COM only

    If you insist on talking about anything other than technical support questions then yes you will get in trouble of some sort and maybe even have your posting privileges suspended for the forum for a while –



    Then where is a place where I can talk about that stuff. I was wanting to talk about this stuff on a forum. So the real question is, where is a forum where I can talk about this stuff. If there isn’t a forum on here where I can talk about this stuff, then what forum on the internet can I talk about this kind of stuff? I would post it on or even, but I am afraid that I won’t be able to delete the threads myself, but none of the less where is a Forum site where I can talk about this stuff since I obviously can’t on the WordPress Forum?



    None of those are social forums: they are technical support forums. Post to your blog if you want to talk about those things, comment on other peoples’ blogs that talk about those things, and search for teen forums via Google search.

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