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In WordPress Reader, removing duplicate posts

  1. I have several blogs being followed in WordPress Reader. However, one blog is always showing 2 identical entries in the list for each post, and has for some weeks.

    Can this be fixed?
    Blog url:

  2. We fixed a duplication issue yesterday, and it may take some time for old duplicates to resolve. When was the most recent duplicated post on the blog in question?

  3. About 5 pm Pacific time on the 20th (15 hours ago).

    I will check it again later when she puts up some new posts and see if it has been fixed.

    The list still shows all the duplicates from old posts even now. If no new dupes are added presumably that will clear on its own.

  4. That's definitely the plan. Please let us know if you see a duplicate when she posts again.

  5. She has put up three posts today, all are duplicated in my Reader.

  6. Can you tell us what the URL is of the blog with the duplicate posts?

  7. I don't particularly see anything wrong with it, so we'll need to dig a bit deeper.

    Can you tell me the titles of the duplicated posts?

  8. All of them have been for some time, but I will give names anyway"

    Binary Joke (Theyre hard to come by)
    Bake Quest for September - figs
    Pic of the Day (9/21/11)
    I Wants One!

    and so on

  9. Thanks, I've passed this on for further investigation!

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