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inaccurate statistics

  1. For a while, I've had my suspicions that the statistics and analysis on the blog were inaccurate.
    I believe that the referrs and top posts & pages are under calculating the number of hits, particularly when people are directed straight to a blog article rather than the entire page.

    I've just started to use to shorten & monitor the usage of my links before placing onto twitter. According to my there have been 25 recorded clicks to my latest blog article; however, wordpress has only counted 10 views. I understand that may be inaccurate; however, in my opinion, with this link being posted onto 3 individual twitter sights I believe there are more likely to be 23 recorded clicks than there are to be just 10.

    Additionally,we receive a large number of views per day, but the information in the search engine and referrals do not cover even half the reported visitors.

    Is this a persistent problem with everyone's blogs or just my own? And how can we improve this service for a more accurate reading of blog/hit statistics?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site linked to your name isn't a blog and we won't be able to help with that. If you have a blog here, please change that link so the volunteers in the support forum can take a look and help you.

  3. Thank you. and other URL-shorteners will cause your hits on individual posts to be under-reported, as they do not generally show up as referrers. It's my understanding that the total page views is accurate. Remember, too, if people click away before Angela, the little smiley image, loads, it will not be counted as a hit, so you may have people clicking through those links and going "Oh this isn't what I want" and clicking away before Angela loads: would count that as a hit, but WordPress would not.

  4. The stats provided by includes bots and spiders. WordPress stats counts only real web browsers. That's why the figures are higher. The same thing happens with vs Google Analytics.

  5. Thank You ...for the advice.

  6. Ah ok, I understand, thank you.

    So, to confirm also, my visitor count on my blog is accurate even if there are no referrals or search engine searches matching that number of people? If so, where do the unrecorded people come from?

    For future reference, what is a bot and a spider?

    Thank you again for your help!

  7. Bots and spiders are automated programs that search engines and others send out to look all over the web for pages. They do not represent actual readers.

    And not all search engine referrals show up as they should. Google in particular is always changing something. I know for a fact that I got more than 10,000 hits from Google over the past few days, but my dashboard says something like 40 instead.

    The total viewer count is accurate, but the referrers will always underrepresent search engines, until they get better at identifying themselves. Also, those new link bars like the Facebook and Digg bar do not show up at all as referrers, which further confuses things.

  8. In the last two days I'm having a new problem, in that the internal statistics are not adding up. Yesterday I showed 29 hits for the day. But only three pages were listed as the heavy hitters, and their totals were 9.

    Today thus far, total hits is 9, and 3 pages are listed with a total of 3 hits.

    I'm aware of some reasons why's stats don't correspond to's et. al., but this is the first time its own stats did not add up.


  9. I could be wrong, but as I understand it, views of your home page count towards the total number of views, but do not appear in 'top posts and pages'.

  10. That's correct, and as your blog gets more hits the effect is more noticeable: your total hits will diverge increasingly from the sum total of the hits on your posts. That's because more and more people are going to your main blog page, or your Categories, or your Archives.

  11. husdal is correct. There are also some other parts of your blog that count towards your total number of views but not as a post or page, such as /page/2/ and so on.

  12. Ok, thanks. It's strange that this phenomenon just started manifesting, but then who knows - maybe someone is using my home page for browser testing!

  13. Thank you again folks!! I really appreciate your input.

    "And not all search engine referrals show up as they should. Google in particular is always changing something. I know for a fact that I got more than 10,000 hits from Google over the past few days, but my dashboard says something like 40 instead."

    Raincoaster, where did you find about the 10,000 hits? Do you use another online application and do you believe this is more accurate?

  14. No, I always use stats. I have Sitemeter as a backup, but really only as a backup. I haven't looked at it in weeks.

    I know, because I got 33,900 hits that day and was #1 on Google for the top news story. There is NO WAY that accounts for a mere 40 hits. I got maybe five thousand from the Freepers, but the search engines had to account for the rest. Individual sites are more easily tracked by those stats counters.

    I believe as well, that if you have the Google Search in your browser bar instead of going to the actual page, it doesn't show as a hit from Google. That would account for a LOT of this.

  15. onfollowingchrist, it's manifesting now because your blog is growing and as your blog continues to grow it will become more noticeable. People who've been to your blog once, because they got a specific link, will come back but go to the main page and read things there.

  16. RC,

    Thanks, I can only hope so.

    Be well,

  17. torontolibrarylego

    Is there a way to return my counter back to zero, and start over? Would appreciate advice, thanks.

  18. No there is not.

  19. Without a link to the blog, starting with http, we can't give a meaningful answer, because we don't know what stats program you're running. Please give us that link.

  20. torontolibrarylego

    I'm simply using WordPress' stats counter. I'm a bit of a newbie to this site, so I hope I'm responding appropriately, raincoaster.

    Thanks to thesacredpath for your answer.

  21. Should I be using something in addition to wordpress stats? By just using WP, am I getting an accurate view of my number of visitors? I realize WP is showing page views and I would like to know about the number of unique visitors.

  22. You can use statcounter on your blog here, or sitemeter. You have to use the plain HTML versions though, not the javascript versions, and you place the code into a text widget in your sidebar.

    Their used to be an FAQ that explained how to do that, but since they switched over to to "support" instead of the FAQ's, that document is now gone.

    Statcounter and sitemeter will both give you "unique" visitors, but all of the services count things a little different so the "pageviews" will likely never match up.

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