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    I was looking at deleting my wordpress account which I found out cannot be done (which by the way is ridiculous, how can they be allowed to keep my email address if I do not want them to have it?) but I was directed to a page that said you can leave your account inactive. What will being inactive do to my account? I havent logged in to my account in at least 3 months prior to today and it is still there so I dont understand what this is about, is it because the blog itself was still on with random people viewing it? I want my email address and username out of the wordpress system. I have deleted everything I can and any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks



    Then get a junk email account and change the email addresses to that junk account and your real email is released – do write down the log-in info so when you changed your mind next year you can get back in –

    Accounts are not deleted to keep other people from getting your old account and impersonating you on the internet – it is designed for your safety

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