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inactive activation key

  1. Inactive activation key shows up on all posts. Help, please
    Blog url:

  2. There's a wide-spread issue evidenced by the multiple active threads on the front page of this forum reporting the same issue for the last 24 hours. All have been flagged for Staff attention and they have responded. See here >

  3. The Guru appreciates your attention to this matter. When you are next on the mountain top you will receive an answer to one question at no charge. But, as always, feel free to bring toilet paper (it's always in short supply). Two-ply, with aloe please.

    Peace out fellow freaks

  4. Haven't responded in 24 hours...not sure what 'have responded' means.

  5. I'm new. Easier to just switch to another service. If they can't resolve it within 24 hours it's not worth being part.

  6. We identified and corrected the issue yesterday, but all affected blogs needed to be fixed individually.

    Unfortunately, the script running to fix all of the affected blogs failed about half-way through.

    We are already aware of all affected blogs, so if yours has not been fixed yet, it will be in a few hours.

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