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  1. sweetsweatlife

    I'm looking to set up another blog, but the URL I want is already taken ( However, the blogger has never posted at that URL. Is there a way to delete that blog since it's not being used?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry, but no.

    Addresses (URLs) for blogs that have been deleted by the owner will remain deleted. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow someone to take over the address of a blog that was previously owned and deleted by its original/previous owner. Please do not submit support requests asking us to do this.

  3. Sorry, also. The site may not appear as if it is being used (no posts) but someone may well be using it for other purposes such as having a username but no blog. To view a private blog, a person must set up an account with in order to be invited to see the private site. Or it could be someone who has a self-hosted wp.ORG site who is using Jetpac for stats.

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