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    Heya folks… so I’m not really sure if this is the proper forum to voice my complaint regarding this ad that showed up on my site today, but man alive… really? Someone thought this ad was a good idea, or worse, in good taste? My blog deals with things I make a do with my four small children, and I can assure you, this would not be something I would like them to see, nor would I want my readers thinking this type of advertising is something I would either condone or support.

    Anyway, should this be the incorrect place to vent my concern, if someone could point me in the right direction, I would be greatly appreciative.

    The blog I need help with is



    Why don’t you buy the No Ads upgrade? The ad isn’t going to be considered offensive to the general public, so it’s not going to be banned.



    Yes, of course one of the ways to combat this is to _purchase_ an upgrade. Regardless of the public perception of this particular ad, it was featured on _my_ site with _my_ content, and I find it in poor taste and inappropriate. I am assuming that there is some forum where I can comfortably question the inclusion of particular ad material. I have been running my site for four years and this is the first complaint I’ve had. If this is not the proper place, then please, by all means, help me find it.

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