Inappropriate Ads On My Blog?

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    I understand that WP places ads on my blog from time to time as part of my agreement with you. Just noticed in my Stats that I had a handful of click-throughs yesterday to a site that appears to be White Supremacist in nature. I can guarantee you that I did not place such a link anywhere on my site, so do I presume it was an ad? BTW, I just downloaded a new Premium Theme in the past several days. Any possible connection? My blog has been running for 4.5 years and I’ve never had this experience before. Thanks for any insight.

    The blog I need help with is


    I suggest editing the blog you wrote and adding the word “WordPress” to your blog somewhere and then press update. I’ve had a similar incident and when I was pushed to upgrade, the offensive video disappeared.


    Not quite sure I understand what you are saying. Do you mean editing my most recent post? Frankly, I don’t even know exactly where the ads show up, since I’ve never seen one. There’s no video involved, just a website. Also unclear on your phrase, “pushed to upgrade,” though I do appreciate you responding.



    It does sound like it’s a ad. If you can sign out, clear browser cache and cookies, and look at your blog, perhaps you can take a screenshot and upload it and then staff can see the offending ad.


    Thanks, raincoaster. Would it also work if I contact Staff and include the offending URL that appeared on my Clicks stat? Need to run out the door, tho I will return later…



    Yes, that would help.


    In my case I was using the “free” blog site. The video posted on my blog at the bottom was about sex and using marijuana and wasn’t advertising anything. I looked at all the forum posts and the answer to solving the problem was that the only thing you can do was to upgrade to “No Ads” or shut down your blog. I ranted in my blog about this and it was funny that no ad was attached to that post. In the middle of the night after I upgraded, I figured out that blogs with the WordPress name mentioned keyed them to not post the inappropriate ad. It’s not the cost, it’s the principal of the thing that they even let these kinds of things be posted on any blog.



    If you feel an ad is inappropriate please take a screenshot of it, upload it into your Media Library and contact Staff by returning to this thread and providing the file name so Staff can view the screenshot.

    What raincoaster refers to is what I have blogged here as result of the browser add-on malware that has been reported on the forums >

    Please try logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies, disabling all browser add-ons and extensions, and then do a computer malware and virus scan. Lastly, reboot your computer and try logging in again. View your blog and it’s unlikely that you will still see the advertising you saw before.


    I would like to know what you, time thief, think about the video not showing up on my blog using the WordPress name but did on all the rest including the one I did that day until I upgraded.


    Thank you, TT. I was away from the Forums for quite some time, so was not clued in to the recent onslaught in adware/malware. Your post is most helpful, and I am going through the steps you outlined as best I can.

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