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Inapropieted use of trade mark Turavion in a WordPress blog

  1. I communicate with you because in this day I received a Google Alert notifying me that had been published in a WordPress blog of Turavion, tourism agency which I am in charge of digital communications. This blog is just a repository of information that we handle in our domain also focuses on the sale. In a Internal consultation was conducted to determine whether administration of this blog was a internal worker, but no one recognizes the authorship. Thus, that account is not authorized to use our brand and represents us, is to manage the lock request for that site.
    I have all the information and support needed to probe my exclusive brand representative of Turavion and not other user.

    I hope to understand the situation, because we want to avoid possible confusion of our customers or future also unprestige our brand.

    URL of the site include:

    Attentive to your comments


    Blog url:

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