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Include js-code for visualizations with Tableau, Fusion Tables etc

  1. I would like to be able to integrate visualizations from Tableau Public, Google Fusion Tables and similar tools in my blog posts on Those usually come with a Javascript code and apparently there's currently no shortcode available to be included into articles on Is my only option to host the site myself?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have exactly the same question

  3. Thanks timethief, been there, seen that. I had the slight hope that someone had already done a shortcode for those (although I couldn't find a trace for that on google).

    But maybe if there's enough support/demand for something like that, Automattic might provide it in the future. So, please, if you would like to see that, please state so like alpidgen did. This seems to be the only way to ask for additional supported JS on - at least I landed here when trying to suggest it. If I'm mistaken please enlighten me.

  4. It's been a frustration to me that I have bought domain, hosting, theme - then discovered that I needed to buy editable css in order to make that work. Following that there is no simple way to run java and iframe from trusted sites.

    I do not have a problem with the policy, but it is misleading that not made clear on entering into agreement.

  5. I've had to transfer to reluctantly. I prefer the infrastructure on wordpress and the app is 100 times better, but my site is now dependent on the Tableau software.

    I assume there's nothing coming up on resolving this? I'd rather not have to transfer.

  6. Instead of transferring to blogger, why not buy reasonably priced hosting and use software from That way you have similar themes, and the dashboard works the same as, but with greater freedom.

  7. Thanks raincoaster for the response.

    I can move to the other host without expense, and it hosts Tableau. Unfortunately the app support is poor, but for a free service, I can't complain. We shouldn't have to pay WordPress to host Tableau, when they're already placing unauthorised adverts on our blogs.


  8. "We shouldn't have to pay WordPress to host Tableau." I don't know what you mean by this. There is no upgrade that will allow you to add javascript here. And the ads are authorized; you should have read the terms of service when you signed up and agreed to them.

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