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    Fellows I’m stuck with a problem. I have adaptive payment setup with paypal and the problem is that i’m using the account to received money into the same account from two different sites. I have already set up a logo into paypal account when people uses the site1, for site2 i need to pass a logo to the header dynamically.
    The losers of paypal don’t give me a clear answer. I have been trying to use amazon fps but i keep receiving an error with them too. For now i think is easy to stick with paypal. The API and all that is set already. But i can pass my company logo when people is going to pay.

    I have this in the code right when the buyer clicks pay…

    I’ve been researching that i should maybe pass the header with java? because i don’t see how header can accept another parameter which should be my company logo.
    Any help is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

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