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    Hi there –

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    Question: I’ve figured out most of what I’m trying to accomplish through the forums, but I’m stuck with a couple of unanswered questions.

    1. Is there a way to get more than 1 post to appear on the home page? (or, more specifically, more than 1 post and the highlight post) I am trying to make it easier for someone to scroll up and down, as with a typical blog.

    2. Smaller issue – I can’t seem to Recent Posts and Pages section in the middle-right of the home page (I’d rather just have the Top Posts and Pages, in particular because I want that to show up on other pages).

    Thanks, in advance!


    The blog I need help with is


    Pages are static and sit outside the blog structure. You cannot “post” to pages. To organize posts at, you use categories. You can then either place the categories widget into the sidebar and when people click on a category name they get a listing of just the posts in that category, or you can use the custom menu feature here and put the category names into the main navigation.



    Thank you for your time, tsp. I read the links, and made a bit of progress:

    1. I now have a static page as my Home page.

    2. I created a new page where I’m hoping to have my posts (called Blog), and under Settings>Reading I set the Posts page to Blog.

    Unfortunately, this new Blog page is doing some funky things (

    – Although when I created the page ‘Blog’ I left the content blank, there is quite a bit of non-post content
    – There is only one post showing, although in Settings > Reading I set maximum posts on a blog page to 10.

    Still playing around, but if anyone has an advice, I’d certainly appreciate it…



    This is a side effect of the theme you have chosen. The morning after’s main page (the posts page) does not behave like a normal “blog” page displaying posts in reverse chronological order. Take a look at this writeup by Panos.

    Basically your latest post will show up on the “blog” page. To have other posts show up there, you have to set them as “stickies” and then they will appear beneath the latest post as “featured.” As you write new posts, you would have to unstick older ones and then “stick” newer ones.

    The morning after requires a lot more user involvement. If you are not up for that, then I might suggest choosing a different theme. I really like Chateau.



    Thanks again, you’ve been a huge help.

    A lot of user involvement, indeed!

    I may try another theme, although I’d worry about undoing the customization I’ve done. Gotta read up on the WP theme changing FAQs.

    Thanks for the tip on using stickies. That’ll do for now, I s’pose.



    You are welcome.

    If you have not done any CSS editing (via the custom design upgrade) then about the only thing that will likely happen if you change themes is that the widgets you are using will end up in the “inactive widgets” area and you will have to put them back into the sidebars and arrange them as you had them before.

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