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Include quota status on Dashboard

  1. "The FAQ says 50mb" 2006/11/11 -- oh, finally! sorry, mark, been out of the town too long and missed that. thanks a lot for pointing that out in the FAQ!

    Sun-Tzu: "Confront your soldiers with the deed itself; never let them know your design..."


  2. Wowser!

    Those are some slick additions to paid storage, Mark!

    What an excellent example of meeting user demand and need -- Congrats!

    Seeing the quota percentages now in Uploads is also really nice.

  3. @Mark
    I appreciate the addition of the space meter on the Uploads form and the opportunity to purchase credits for additional storage space. I'm wondering however, if paypal will be the only means of making payment that a blogger can use?
    Running Out of Space?

  4. I know what you can do. Create another blog and you can upload the image there. Once it says "Send to editor" right click on the picture and go to properties. Copy the URL. Now go to your main blog and go to the "Write" button. Go to the where it has the bold and italic settings. Look for something that says Insert/Edit images. Click on that and paste the URL to where it says image URL. Put the size and border and everything and press "Insert". The picture should appear where you're writing. Although, viewers cannot click on it to enlarge it so that's a disadvantage.

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