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Include RSS in WordPress page

  1. My own URL is tested and works good in RSS widget. Now the purpose is to include a list of news from a RSS in a page which has more space available. Support instructions at has this description to include RSS: <atom:link rel='hub' href=''/> where the URL is substituted with our own URL. This does not work. Do anybody have sugestion how to write this code?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Where exactly (http://...) are you trying to insert that code?

  3. In the text editor's HTML-tab the denoted text is inserted, but the is substituted with my URL.

    If I go to the Visual-tab and then back to the HTML-tab the inserted text disappears.

  4. It looks like that code is to be used on external websites to subscribe to a website. It's not meant to be used on a site itself (read the FAQ please).

    I believe you can only use an RSS feed (either your own or from another website) in an RSS widget on a sidebar, not on a page or on a post.

  5. I can confirm that. Staff will never allow RSS feeds to autopopulate blog posts and pages here, as it's a classic spammer tool. is a home for original blogging.

  6. It's also stated as one of the types of blogs that are not allowed. see "scraper blogs and automated blogs" on this page

  7. Thank you for answers.

  8. You're welcome from me.

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