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    Hi. I read in the past that including your e-mail address on your blog is not a smart thing to do because of “spambots”. I do have my e-mail address posted on my blog, however I typed it in with spaces between the little @ thingie and the rest of the address. Is this good enough to foil those nasty little spammers?


    I would suggest using a contact form rather than putting your email address on your blog or your email inbox be overrun with spammers.



    Thanks for the info. I already get e-mails when someone comments on one of my posts, but this is without having added a contact form to any of my posts. Is this the same thing?


    No, a contact form is a separate page that you can name contact or whatever. If you were wanting to include your email address in posts, you will want to disguise your email address. This link has a good collection of ways to do that:



    thanks alot! I’ll check out the suggested site.


    You’re welcome and happy blogging.

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