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    Hello, I’m just starting a family history blog and trying to include the first bit of text with the link to the blog. I’m sure this must be pretty simple to do but I can’t figure it out. Can you help? Thanks – blog is raheenrooots.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Please give the URL (web address) of the blog, starting with http://


    Is that the correct url there Absurdoldbird? And just to clarify, I don’t want to broadcast this blog much beyond family and friends. I want to be able to post the link to each new post to my Facebook wall and to a private family group. So I’d like to be able to include the title and first few words of the post with the link. Thanks!


    You said the blog is raheenrooots, so I assumed that was a different blog from the one whose link appeared. Sorry.

    For Facebook, you can use Publicise, but if you want more control over it, the simplest way is just to post the URL of each post in a new status for each of your posts, on your timeline, and it will take the text either from the first few lines of your post or from whatever you’ve put in the excerpt part of your post (if your theme supports excerpts). The excerpt module is on the post editor (if you don’t see the module, click on ‘screen options’ that’s at the top of the post editor page and check it and it should show).

    Scroll down to ‘excerpts’ on this page:

    Using excerpts with a particular setting on your dashboard, as well, will help keep some of your posts more private if any of the readers of your blog receive your posts in email or via RSS feeds. Go to your dashboard, then click on Settings then click on ‘Reading’. On that page, you’ll see an option ‘For each article in a feed, show’ choose Summary, then scroll down the page and click the Save Changes button. Then people will have to go to your blog to read the full post, they won’t see it in their email.


    Thanks very much Absurdoldbird. (Funnily enough I almost called myself Wexfordcrone and then changed my mind). Anyway, I will try that out and hopefully it will work. I’m not sure yet whether my theme (Twentyten I think) supports excerpts – will have to check that out as well. You would think they would all support it as i seems to be a fairly important feature. Anyway, thanks very much again; I’m much obliged for your quick response!


    You’re welcome. By the way, if you want to keep your blog out of search engines, make sure that you go to your blog’s Dashboard, scroll down to Settings then from that click Reading and choose “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”. It won’t stop the most determined ones but it’ll stop ones like Google and Yahoo.

    Also, it might help you, if you’re new to to learn more about it here:


    Thanks, I did it! And I had read through the learn series and knew the instructions were in there but I couldn’t find it again! It takes time to learn even the basic features when you’re focusing on the writing. I’m also still trying to get the hang of categories and tags!

    And yes, I did the “discourage search engines” click.

    Nothing like learning by doing it – even if you make a few mistakes in the process. Thanks again for your help!

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