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inclusion in global tags

  1. Do you need to turn on Publicize to be included in the global tags? I follow all the tips on how to get on, but my posts are never included. I see blogs that are on three or four times in a row, but never mine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Using Publicize has no relationship at all with your posts appearing on global tags pages. If your blog posts are missing when you check the global tag pages which are displaying posts in time stamp and date stamp order see here for "missing posts" reasons.

    Instructions and information on using Publicize.

  3. Timethief, thank you for your reply. I adhere to all the proper tips as outlined in "missing posts" reason you included - I have the proper amount of tags, my posts are not profane, etc... I have the search engine blocked, but my blog is set so that the public can see it.

    I used a tag - "arborio" that is not very popular as a test, and still my post does not appear. The lastest post with "arborio" is old.

  4. I have the search engine blocked

    ^ that's the answer to your question right there

  5. Thank you very much, timethief, for all of your assistance.

  6. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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