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Incoming links down to one

  1. Hi guys,

    I have just noticed that my incoming links are down to showing only one.

    I know there are a lot more than that! Has anyone else had their incoming links drop out>


  2. Yep. Mine have been coming and going all day. Not sure what's going on.

  3. Ok...I think I will put in a feedback just so they know that this is happening.


  4. You have clicked through the More link and seen that this is correct, right? Looks like Blogsearch clears out after a certain time period. Their help files don't mention how long though. You do still retain the credit for the links though.

  5. I've got only two remaining on the dashboard and wnhe I clicked "more" I got a google page with only two. I'm wondering what happened to the others? Is there a record of them somewhere?

  6. I've got 1 right now and the more link only shows the one. I checked in Technorati last night to make sure all of them are there and they were. Guess that's all that really matters but I sure to miss looking at the latest links from my blog.

  7. I'm with Vivian. I liked to keep in touch with the links coming in especially the new ones and it was a surprise to find them gone. My questions are (1) Is it WordPress that has reduced the numbers of incoming links being shown on the dashboards? (2) If so, then why?
    Also [she said politely]it would be courteous if they announced changes they are making and the rationale for the changes being made before they make them [hint].

  8. It's not WordPress doing this, it's Blogsearch over at Google. That list is just an RSS feed from Blogsearch. :)

  9. Okay. Gottcha.

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