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incoming links from myself?

  1. startlingmoniker

    Obviously, I'm doing something wrong in my post construction, because I keep getting incoming links listed that are from my own entry. I can't figure out why this would be. Is it something to do with the pictures I'm using? Is there any way to avoid this?

    --Startling Moniker

  2. *humour* AVOID! Are you sure you don't want to patent it *lol* I could use a few hundreds of links myself. :D

    Sorry I just couldn't resist. I do not know the answer to this question. You'll have to get one via feedback. I do indeed sometimes link to earlier posts I have made, particularly if the later post is a correction or amplification of the first one and when I do that the result is a pingback.

  3. I sometimes link two posts together but it never comes under the incoming links section.

  4. I just ignore them.

  5. We still have incoming links listed? Where are they?

    I agree with ignoring them. The spider is just picking up on the home link for your blog. There are ways to adjust things to fix that but not with the setup we have here.


  6. drmike: they are bottom right on the stats page.

    startlingmoniker: as our companions have suggested, you are doing nothing wrong and it can be safely ignored. I will submit a low priority enhancement to see if it can ignore incoming links from itself

  7. I had the same issue, but I'd rather die that post it in the forum as a question because I felt sure it was enhancing my Technorati juice in some way. Still, they fixed it. Dayum!

  8. This happens to me as well; I’ve submitted a feedback request.

  9. I had wondered where they went since they were no longer listed on the Dashboard. Hmmm...


  10. What's the deal? We don't see "more" beside "Incoming Links". Does it have anything to do with using a Mac? I've also tried viewing the page on Safari and Firefox, but all to no avail. Any ideas?


  11. Hmm, it is gone. That's strange.

  12. The "More" has been gone for a long time.

  13. Are you guys sure you're not my ex in disguise? No one ever tells me anything... :)

    I'll send in a feedback asking about this. I know I got confused in the past? Does it link to Google's blogsearch or Technorati's?

  14. I believe it disappeared when the new dashboard was introduced.

  15. If we're your ex in disguise, drmike, I can see why this person's your ex! ;-) ha ha

    Thanks for your replies. Any chances the "more" link will be re-introduced?


  16. Any chances the "more" link will be re-introduced?

    Only sysadmin can answer this. :)

  17. Thanks timethief. I'll send them a message.


  18. Cheers and have a good weekend. :)

  19. I am in a minority of 1 here.
    I never look at stats. Ever. Anywhere. Really I don't.
    So I'd not noticed.

    I'll try to remember Monday to ask Andy to comment.

  20. Ok, thanks. Looking forward to the answer.

  21. Thanks to whoever put the "more" link back!

    Now, I'm still confused about the "Incoming Links" section. I've been reading the forums trying to find the answer, but I'm still confused. We have several "Incoming Links", but when I click on "more" and the Google page comes up, all it gives me are links back to the page in question. I don't know how to find out who has linked to our page. And, I know I haven't referenced one page to another within the post. Could someone please explain to me:

    1. What's going on
    2. How I can see who's linking to our blog and the various posts

    In the forum "What are Incoming Links" which has been resolved, TheReflectiveTeacher says, "As to getting to the sites linking you: click on the username of the poster in order to find the incoming link. It should take you directly to the linking post." So, I looked for poster and the user name and I couldn't find either. Perhaps I'm missing the point entirely, and "Incoming Link" actually means something completely different from what I think it means.

    Please help! All I want to know is who the heck is linking to our posts. Maybe they're... what's it called... "scrubbing" or something. I'd just be upset if some of our photos are being used without my consent. I can't imagine our writing is THAT good to steal!

    Anyway, thanks in advance for your help, and sorry for the long-windedness of this post.


  22. Easyest way to tell who's linking to you is to go to a search engine (I recommend MSN actually for this. They appear to be quicker) and putting '' into the search bar. That should also display any links to posts within your site as well.

    Hotlinking photos I've got to think about. Both MSN and Google will show you their indexed images within their databases. Just go over to that portion of the engine and put '' into the bar. Not sure about hotlinking though.

  23. Thanks drmike. I went onto MSN and took a look around. It seems pretty benign, and a few links go directly back to our posts, for some reason. As for the photos, all the links go back to our own posts, so I'm not really sure what that means.

    Thanks for the help. Have a great day!

  24. If the links go to your posts, rather than to the image URLs, then your images aren't getting stolen, they're getting referred to, as in "this is such a cool pic, go see". If the links go to the image URLs, then yes, they are being hotlinked, which means someone has posted them on their own site and is stealing your (and WordPress's) bandwidth. This can become a problem if the pictures get hugely popular. A friend of mine once got a $1700 bill for bandwidth over a long weekend because a Korean site stole all her images and hotlinked them. WordPress won't bill you, but if they see something going crazy like that, they might disable the pictures. It's not likely to happen, though.

  25. Thanks raincoaster, that was very informative. Of course, I wouldn't mind if the bill actually turned out to be a cheque, should my pictures become that popular! ;-) ha ha... not bloody likely!


  26. WordPress won't bill you, but if they see something going crazy like that, they might disable the pictures.

    One of the features that promotes is that they can handle stuff like this. They used the term "Slashdotting isn't even a blip to us" in the past.

  27. Matt fixed this. You should no longer see incoming links from yourself.

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