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Incoming Links Not Appearing on Stats page in Dashboard

  1. Anyone know what's up with this?

  2. Do you mean the Referrers? I see them fine on my stats page.

  3. The Incoming Links comes from Google blogsearch and it's glitchy. Mine were up to date yesterday, although at certain points the listing has lagged by a month. Usually the problem is on Google's end. How long have yours been wonky?

    Also, if you want to check out ALL the links to your blog, check your technorati listing. It's more reliable I find.

  4. OK, I see where they are. They weren't there five minutes ago but I see them now.

    Funny, not even the header/ title was there on mine.

  5. The incoming links are located on the bottom right of the blog stats page just below the clicks. Still nothing there, though they were around earlier today.

  6. I'd give it another day and if it's still not working right, send in a Feedback. It is probably Google's fault again, but you just never know.

  7. Strange as the blogsearch still has you.

  8. They're back...

  9. The spooky wizard from down teh coast is at it again.

    I'm glad they appeared. They're cached so it wa sprobably just a bad cache that you got stuck with for the time being.

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