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Incoming links not working

  1. Hi all,

    My incoming links on my site stats page is no longer showing incoming links, and hasn't been for weeks. I have lots of people linking to me, so it isn't just nobody linking to me. Any reasons why this is happening, and a way to get them back?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Lisa. It's a known issue, I'm afraid...

  3. The links are still there, you are just not being told about them. Google Webmaster tools will give you the links as well as Technorati and probably a few other sources.

  4. @lisamichele
    You can use Google search as stated above. The results display all the sites linking to your site. Note that you can also track the total number at the top to see if links are increasing or decreasing.
    You can use Yahoo open site explorer > or seamoz open site explorer >
    You can also use Technorati if you have claimed your blog there.

  5. Why can't wordpress remedy this?

  6. I'm sorry but this is a peer support forum and we Volunteers have no idea what Staff's work load is aside from the fact that they are back-logged with support tickets There are over 20 million of us bloggers. We also have no idea how complex this situation is and have no idea how long it will take to be fixed from this end and/or form Google's end. Luckily, we can still locate our inks using the sites that I provided. Please be patient.

  7. neilericgodfrey

    On another related thread there was this reply: "As these links were collected via a third-party, you may find your Referrers in your Site Stats to be more accurate and valuable."

    But that is not the point. I know Referrers gave me different information from Incoming Links. I used to rely on Incoming Links to see who was, well, linking to my site and discussing something of mine, knowing that while few if any third party readers were linking back from there to my site, it was still important for me to know what was being said and discussed by others.

    So the Referrers list does not substitute for the Incoming Links.

  8. I totally agree with you, Neil. Google links and the others just show links from a long time ago with different info, and I would have to go through thousands (I hosted some baking and cooking challenges) to find any recent ones that are actually relevant with what's going on now. I have no idea who's linked up to me since this went down. Befuddled as to why it can't be restored to us.

  9. Well thanks everyone I thought NO ONE was linking to me, I did go to Yahoo Site Explorer, actually a couple days ago before looking here, and thought how odd? It says I have 600 links to my site. Wow, what in the world some of those should be showing up in the incoming links. So I searched and found this I know I am not alone then. Thanks everyone for the heads up on this, and like the poster neilgodfrey, said above. I do keep track of my dashboard everyday and really would like to be able to see the incoming links.

  10. Same problem, incoming links wasn't working since day one.
    I'm gonna use google webmaster now, even though i do think that having that data on our dashboard would be much more efficient.
    Thanks for all the advice

  11. At best since starting the blog over 2 years ago, it only showed 2 incoming links, then one day they all went away. I contacted the two people that linked to me and asked them why they removed the links, they said NOPE we are still linked to you, there must be a problem on your end, then after months of not seeing any links, I found this post. Very frustrating, In a way wish they would just remove that box from the dashboard if it is a problem they cannot fix, because I get irritated everytime I look at it.

  12. You can always go to and see incoming links there. It works okay.

  13. I have been to twice and looked up and down the page to find where to put my address in to see the links and for the life of me cannot see where to do this?
    Is it secretly hidden, under some code word that is secret?
    I am not trying to be obstinate but it is NOT clearly marked where to find this information at on their site.
    Please tell me where on the site you find this information or I enter my information to do it, I entered my address in the search bar and all it says is blog not found.


  14. @hbs1991
    Go to Google search and use this format. Note there is no space following the colon
    The results display all the sites linking to your site. Note that you can also track the total number at the top to see if links are increasing or decreasing.

  15. Thanks TimeTheif,

    Wow I had no idea that there were so many incoming links (small amount for some bloggers) I am sure but 1,290, I had no idea and from so many places around the world!! I will remember to check this more often.

  16. On Technorati you can bookmark

    which in my case is

    As you can see, it's different if you have domain mapping.

  17. Hi Raincoaster,

    Thanks for your link, I followed your instructions, but no luck, now that being said I am not a member of so I assume only people that sign up are able to do this right? I just did notice that it wants you to sign up.

  18. This may be a different issue but how does Google Alerts and WordPress interact? I use Google Alerts ti see who else is talking about the things I am interested in. Other blogs show up but mine doesn't despite the use of appropriate tags and verbiage in the post. Any thoughts?

  19. @stwilkins
    Google Alerts are alerts sent to you. They are not in any way directly connected to They are the result of all the references to your username and your blog found on the internet. All search engine issues are between the blogger and the search engines and they have "help" pages.

    Moreover, and to the point the blog linked to your username is a free hosted blogs which is empty. As it has no content you cannot be referring to it. If you want support for a free hosted blog I suggest that you link the active one to your username so it can be immediately located. Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.

    If you are referring to a WordPress. ORG install for self hosting then we do not provide support for that software here at all. You must get support form http://wordpress.ORG/support.
    For clarity read > vs. the differences.>

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