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Incoming Links problem

  1. I'm kind of new, so this may be a simple problem, and I've read past questions and responses on this but I couldnt find the answer. I have daily incoming links that look like spam...they have nothing to do with my blog. They're not listed in my comments and they're not attached to previous comments. I havent even had a comment made in the last 3 days, but I keep getting these strange links. For example:

    If anyone has any directions on how to get ride of these it would be much appreciated. Thanks

  2. i got one of those today, too. They're weird, but they seem basically harmless.

    Just so you understand, incoming links are links to your blog that appear on other sites. They have nothing to do with comments, and you have no control over them. You cannot get rid of them, because they're not on your blog.

    Like i told someone else on here earlier, unless they are stealing your content, don't worry about it.

  3. photographerno1

    I am fed up of stupid links that keep appearing from nowhere there must be some way of blocking them..please any one out there help me out...
    firoze shakir photographerno1

  4. No, there is no way of blocking them and still leaving your blog accessible to readers. You COULD select to make your blog invisible to most search engines, but then most readers wouldn't be able to find you either. And if you haven't already chosen that, it's too late.

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