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    Is there any way to find out who has linked my blog to theirs? I’m not sure if ‘incoming links’ is supposed to serve this function, if so, it is not working.

    Please help.



    I would like to know who has added me to their blogroll.


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    Please provide a link to your blog.

    If you have a wordpress.COM blog, then “incoming links” do not show who has linked you in their blogroll. They used to show blogs that had links to your posts, but it’s had some issues lately, and I find they are now just about useless. Just my opinion on their value.



    so there’s no way that I can find out who has added me to their links?


    No not really. To do that, wordpress would have to index and contantly scan the entire internet and the hundreds of millions of domains continuously.

    You might hit one of the search engines and see if something is available online.


    You could try going to and looking up your blog there. It probably won’t be ranked, but they have a button to click for “Sites Linking in” and you may get some information there.



    Alexa doesn’t work that well. But try It’s not perfect, but it’s the best there is.



    thanks all



    I joined WordPress only a year ago when the incoming links worked brilliantly. You could see in an instant who had linked to you.

    Who faffed around with this function? And, who is going to “un-faff” it?

    If this can’t be done, you might as well do away with this function altogether. Rather this than have one that makes no sense whatsoever.

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