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    Hi. I have done some research on the topic on incoming links here in the forums and the faq’s, however I have not found an answer to my question. I know that I can not stop people from linking to Second Chance to Live. I have accepted that reality. Over the past several weeks I have noticed an increase in the # of web sites linking to Second Chance to Live. These show up on my stats page — Incoming Links.

    I am curious about the impact of those incoming links. I am flattered that other web sites want to link to my web site, however I am wondering how these incoming links impact my presence with Google or other search engines. Do more web sites linking to Second Chance to Live mean that I will have a wider presence on the World Wide Web? How will these incoming links impact my web site?

    Thank you for your time and kindness.




    If the incoming links are legitimate (people adding you to their blogroll, or linking to you as a reference or in their own posts) then it’s a good thing. If those links are actually trackbacks from blog-scrapers who have stolen your content, then it’s not so good.

    Without knowing which are on your list, it’s hard to say more.


    Thank you Fracas. Like you say, hard to tell. Thank you for your time and kindness. Have a pleasant rest of your day and God bless you my friend.




    Well, no… for us it’s hard to tell which links you have on your list, but for you it’s not. ;-)

    If you click through and see if they’re someone with a link to you in a good way… that’s good for you, it will increase your technorati rating and help your pagerank to rise. If you click through and you see it’s really a link where your content was stolen and is being used at a splog.. then that’s not so good for you.

    So just do some investigating and then let us know which it was.



    I have been noticing that many of the incoming links are from web sites wanting to connect their material and their web site to my web site. It does not appear that they are being nefarious in some way: i.e. stealing my material. I realize that I am powerless over incoming links. Is there a way that I can see or tell how these links are affecting my web site on Google or other search engines my friend?

    I am also curious how my web site was chosen to link to by the web sites that are in my incoming links. What benefit do they have of linking to my web site, Second Chance to Live? Any other related information would be helpful.

    Thank you again for your time and kindness my friend and God bless you! Cr



    Those links are increasing your Google ranking. What was happening before was, Google was not seeing many of the links to WordPress blogs. They’ve now overcorrected that and are counting all kinds of links, every day. This increases both your Technorati and Google ranking.

    As for why they would choose to link to you, that question is probably best answered by those bloggers. Most sites will have some contact information on them, so just get in touch with them that way.

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