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incoming links reported on deashboard seem backdated - why?

  1. I'm wondering if anyone else is noting the same pattern. Since mid Spetmebr the number of links to my environmental blog at have been extremely low if I go by those recorded on my dashboard. However, if I check at technorati I'm seeing a completely different picture. Are other bloggers experiencing the same strange phenonmena?

  2. Yes, exactly the same thing. It's weird, especially in that until recently technorati lagged behind Google.

  3. Thanks for the confirmation. I guess it's more crazymaking stuff. ;)

  4. Now it seems to be the opposite. Google and my dashboard are picking up links that are only twenty minutes old. But they're not picking up the ones they missed before. Very weird. Stat checking is more like sailing than like math sometimes.

  5. I'm tempted to create a firefox extension that rewrites the stats page so that it's always going up, at least when you view it.

    Sunny days and sunshine abound.

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