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Incoming links suddenly stopped

  1. My blogs are connected to quite a few other blogs. Until yesterday I had incoming links. Suddenlty I have no incoming links. I have checked sites I know are linked with mine and they are still linked yet no link comes in at my end. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm in the same situation. That particular module in the Stats Dashboard has been finicky since day 1 because it relies on Google Blog Search (not web search) for results.

    If you want to see who is linking to you, you can go straight to Google Blog Search and type in to find results.

  3. Thanks. However, this does not explain why the incoming links has worked since I set up these blogs last year.

    Did you ever have links coming in?

  4. I have had broken incoming links for ages now. I use Google Webmaster's Account and Google search. You can always find incoming links by using this search format on Google
    The results display all the sites linking to your site. Note that you can also track the total number at the top to see if links are increasing or decreasing.

  5. We are aware of a problem with that and currently looking into a solution.

    As mentioned by justjennifer, the Incoming Links listing gets its results from a Google search, so it's not always the most up-to-date anyway. Check the Referrers in your Site Stats section for much more real-time results.

  6. @rh156-yes, I did, which is why I mentioned I was in the same situation as you. :)

  7. Hello Maxmanx - I presume you are part of the wordpress set up. Do you have any idea why the incoming links should work fopr my blogs (the oldest dates from last Augeust) with no difficulty until yesterday?

  8. Yes, the issue is site-wide and we're working on it.

  9. decoratingdivas


    I had several incoming links as of two days ago and now all of a sudden wordpress says I have no incoming links. How do I fix this? What is the update on wordpress fixing the issue?

  10. @decoratingdivas
    Please read what Staff said immediately above your post.

  11. stillanunfinishedperson

    Thanks for letting us know here what's going on. I was just wondering if it was just me. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Hope it gets worked out soon.

  12. godhatesprotesters

    Just chiming in to say I have this problem, too.

  13. The problem I had was that people who had listed me in their bloglists had suddenly started coming up as new links every time they posted, even if their actual post did not link to me. Now, however, like everybody else, the whole incoming links notification function has stopped …

  14. stillanunfinishedperson

    Any update on this situation? Or timetable when it might be fixed? I love, but sometimes the lack of communication is frustrating...or at least knowing where to look to find the answers you need without doing a search through all the forums.

  15. To the best of my knowledge, Support is still working on this but no timetable was given.

  16. This is a real problem. I hope this gets fixed soon.

  17. In the meantime, check your blog on Yes, it's flawed, but at least it sometimes works.

  18. And sometimes not :(

  19. If you want to see who is linking to you, you can go straight to Google Blog Search and type in to find results.

  20. @unfinishedperson, I wanted to send you an update. The Google Blog Search feed is acting unreliably when the dashboard page tries to fetch the feed. The error is "Invalid character on line ..." but that's rather vague and is proving troublesome to track down. There has been some discussion on the core dev side about removing outside feeds like that in the future (just talk so far). For now, for, we're still looking to get the feed working again in the incoming links module, but it may take a little time. It's not something where an ETA can easily be attached.

  21. stillanunfinishedperson

    Thanks, designsimply, for explaining. I guess there are other ways to get the incoming links as others like raincoaster and justjennifer mentioned. I just liked the feature being right there and not having to work to get it...I know it's not much work, but one thing I like about is that almost everything is right there in one place.

  22. Ah was wondering about this and now I know. Thanks folks !

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