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Incoming Links to Pictures?

  1. When i upload a picture to my WP account, is in then possible to see whether others are directly linking to this picture on another website?

  2. Not for us, but it's possible the staff could tell. If you suspect someone is hotlinking, you can always re-upload the picture using a different name, take the old one down, and replace it with the new one. I did that for one post that was sucking all my bandwidth from Photobucket.

  3. Do note that we don't have bandwidht limits here at

    One thing you can do is give the image a unique name and then use the search engines to search for it.

  4. yeah, I was just thinking, I made a picture which is very likely to show up on different spots on the forum, and I was hoping that I could trace how popular it is...

    @drmike, what should I think about when it comes to bandwith limits? I can't imagine I would be stressing this nice feature of WP with one picture right?

  5. The servers can take it. I wouldn't worry about it. :)

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