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Incoming Links vanishing

  1. I'm not sure what's going on, but the Incoming Links listed on my Dashboard page are vanishing one by one, from most recent downwards. I've lost three so far in three days. Technorati finds even ones that never made it to that Incoming Links listing, but I'd still like them to be on my page. What's happening?

  2. Have you clicked the More link beside it yet to see? :)

    Google keeps the list of links for only a certain number of days but keeps the count of links.

    This one needs to be in the FAQ.

  3. Yes, I clicked on the More. If it were deleting them after a certain time that would be fine, but it's actually deleting them from the NEWEST down.

    I see that today only the most recent link is gone, and the others lost are now restored. Might that have something to do with the fact that that most recent link's hosted in Beirut?

  4. It just changed again, and dropped all links added after July 5. I know Technorati's got it right, but I'm wondering if this is a Google issue or a WordPress one. Anyone know?

  5. I recall a similar posting made within the last month. I belive the answer was that it was google but I can't swear to that. How about using the forum search box and trying to locate the last thread on this?

  6. I tried. Nuthin.

  7. @raincoaster
    The same thing just happened to me. The newest links to my blog being recorded on my dashboard are gone and the number of links being recorded on the dashboard at all have been reduced.

  8. Well, maybe I'll hit Google with a Q or 2 then. Can't hurt.

  9. Email sent. And now I see it's dropped off ALL July links. Thrilling. Thank god for Technorati.

  10. Same problem here - the links keep on disappearing into the night.

    And Technocrati is no god, at least in my experence. Posts made days ago appear as new, for example.

  11. Oh, I hear you there. Still, at least they're not SUBTRACTING.

    Anyway, I sent Google an email and all my links are back to normal. There are still some they didn't catch, but they're the same ones they didn't catch before so I'm okay with it.

  12. Could you please post the google email address to report disappearing links to [she said with a sigh]. I suppose I'll have to contact them too.

  13. Also remember that that's the BlogSearch index. Totally seperate from the Google Search engine.

  14. @drmike
    If one were to take this seriously, it would be crazymaking. The newest link that disappeared from my blog still remains in dark void but the second newest has been regurgitated from the maw. [What's that? I think I hear the outer limits theme playing in the background.]I'd be pleased to hear your recommendation. Shall I just ignore this or ...?

  15. My incoming links have also disappeared.

  16. So have mine. You may want to read the second post in this thread to see what is occuring. :)

    I'd just ignore it. Please remember it says "Latest Links" Doesn't say "All the links that have ever linked to my site" :)


  17. Okay thanks I'm ignoring it. I have customers that are crazymakers so why would I add to the list? BTW the second last link that came back for awhile became a ghost again. lol There's enough material here for a google ghost link skit.

  18. The email is [email redacted]

    Last night more of the links vanished, yet this morning they're current as of today, ie a link that was added yesterday shows up. Very weird.

    And to repeat, they're vanishing from Most recent to Least recent, in other words in the opposite way they're supposed to. Something is screwing up somewhere.

  19. @raincoaster
    I hear you and I see this: going - going - coming back - going - going - subtracting - and adding... it's a wonderment to behold.

  20. blogsearch is still beta, and technorati is bantha fodder. the means they use to calculate links are incredibly errant. i'm impressed that the numbers are right any of the time.

  21. They catch more than I would on my own. As long as the numbers keep going up, I'm happy. It's because they seem to be going down that I am becoming annoyed.

    I haven't heard a word from Google Blogsearch, btw.

  22. My incoming links also appear and disappear, seemingly with no pattern. Maybe it's magic!

  23. *chuckle* What? you expect Google to actually do something right? I've got a client now with a couple thousand dead links in Google's index of their site. Lots of fun.

  24. I sent the Googlers an email, and my incoming links list has stablized for now.

    So my advice is to just send them a note.

  25. And once again she says: Could you please post the google email address to report disappearing links to [she said with a sigh]. I suppose I'll have to contact them too.

  26. scroll up.

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