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Incomplete Add Links Page

  1. I am trying to add a link in the blogroll. I would like to have a button graphic associated with it but when I go to dashboard>blogroll>add links there is only a space for the name, url, and description. When I hit the refresh button on my browser (I have tried with firefox 2.0 and IE 7) a more complete page flicks on for a second but then only the above is left.

  2. I am experiencing the same problem. I have tested on multiple browsers (firefox 2/safari/opera posing as various browsers) (all mac 10.4.8) ... With my me-hosted wp sites sometimes i have firefox issues with widgets, so then I use IE instead, but this is a new one..

    thank you.

  3. I've got a couple of button links in my sidebar, and I used a unique text widget with each of them. I agree this is a bit of a waste; it would be great if we could associate a button with a link when adding it to the regular blogroll.

  4. raincoaster -- i think that dysonsphere and i are experiencing a different problem .. the add link page is not displaying all of the information it should be. it's still a problem now. am i missing a "status" or "known bugs" page. Hmm.. I'll go poking.

  5. Folks, the space for the image is under the Advanced tab as Image Address. :)

  6. please see my blog post here for a screen shot of what I'm seeing when attempting to go to the advanced tab. This was firefox 2, but i've had the problem on all webbrowsers.. (safari, other versions of firefox, ie & both mac/pc) thank you!

  7. I see my mistake!

    At the far right of the blue bars is a "+". Click on the "+" and the bar expands to reveal the needed fields.

    Thanks all.

  8. now it's rendering slightly more properly. the +'s did not work yesterday. (i don't know how to take video of that). Thank you!

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