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    If I remove the existing header and incorporate it in one I create with an image editor, does that mean that in terms of SEO I’ve done something silly?
    If you check my site’s header you’ll see why I ask: does removing the title <i>per se</i> and putting it into artwork meanthe search engines won’t find my blog>

    The blog I need help with is


    Meant to use . Forgot. :-}



    Howdy again!

    If you remove it using the checkbox to display the header text on this page: , then no, you’ll be okay.

    We hide the text in a way that is still okay for search engines.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great weekend!


    OBO … did I make myself clear, I wonder? – I so rarely do.
    I meant the text header: was that what you comprehended?
    And yes, that’s where I tried it out to see: I needed to try to ascertain, if I do remove the text header, if the space for the banner changes – I thought it might get larger. Doesn’t seem to. (Is there anywhere else in WP to remove it? – NEVER MIND.)
    So, if you and I are as one on this, I can remove the text header in Appearance/Header, include it in an artworked header and I shan’t lost the actual site name – mine! – from search engines.
    There we are then. I have just watched “New Tricks” and “Whitechapel” in a row, and my brain is stewed. How can you tell, you ask? [grin]




    Exactly, the header image will stay the same. We’ll just adjust where it is shown on the page (in order to make room for header text, or not). Removing the header text will keep the site title in a way that keeps Google and the other search folks happy!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!


    Ah, you’re blood’s worth bottling!
    I keep telling myself I’ll think through what I want to ask before putting fingers to keyboard, but … :-}
    Tell me: how do those Hugs on the Support page get posted?



    When folks, like you, tell us that you’ll like to offer us a “hug” to share publicly on that page, we’ll add it :-)

    You’ve been so sweet to us that I’m more than happy to add one for you if you’d like. Let me know what you’d like to add and how you’d like your name to be displayed; I’ll happily add it!

    Have a great weekend!


    It is almost over, my weekend; and it was definitely improved by the Help input.
    You have my permission – nay, orders! – to tell the world that I think you lot are pretty damn ace. You have to put up with the most imbecilic questions from morning to night, and rarely does any of you get p*ssed off.
    Takes some doing, that.
    GOODONYER! :-)




    :-) Sounds good. I’ll format it up and get it posted! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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