Incorporating excel into a wordpress upload

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    I’m thinking about moving over a heavy traffic site I run, but much of the site uses excel outputs into html. How can i save something into excel html and have it in the wordpress format..while ensuring the excel formatting isn’t compromised?

    The blog I need help with is



    What do you mean by “the wordpress format”? You can upload excel files here, but they are just linked, not displayed.


    You can use scribd to display spreadsheets in a site.

    Excel can also output HTML, but it outputs an entire web page instead of just the table HTML, so you have to selectively pull just the table stuff out. The problem is though, the HTML formatting that Excel uses is mostly depreciated or flat out obsolete, so there is always a bunch of cleanup to do. Basically Excel and MS Word, don’t speak web very well at all.

    My suggestion for tables would be to use Windows Live Writer blog client, which produces very clean and web compliant code for tables and such and I believe you can actually copy and paste directly from Excel into it. It also has the advantage of allowing you to publish directly from WLW with no need to go through the WordPress editor.


    Yea, I thought that scared path. Excel makes the html, but it’s cumbersome. I’ll check out this Windows Live Writer.

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