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Incorporating StatCounter into blog

  1. I would appreciate if someone can give me step-by-step instructions for a neophyte on how to install/insert/incorporate stat counter into my blog. When it comes to copying text or code into the blog I get lost. Does this mean copy it as if I am creating a new post and viola it will insert itself and give me my desired results?

    I reviewed and if possible, would like to add these features. I look forward to feedback.

    American Bedu

  2. You will be posting the code into a text widget which is found under presentation > widgets. When you set up your statcounter account, you will want to select and copy the html code, not the javascript code since javascript is not allowed at due to security concerns. Here are two useful links from the FAQ's:

  3. One thing to remember is that since you cannot use the javascript code here at, you will not get all the features they talk about. You will basically not get a whole lot more than with the stats, except that you will be able to see the locations and domains that people viewing your site come from.

  4. Thank you for your advise. I am trying to do as you have instructed but am having difficulties on how to copy the text into the text widget. Can you please advise?

  5. You copy the text from the window at stat counter by highlighting all the code in the little window. You can click on that little window and it should highlight all the text. If it does not, you can press ctrl-a (windows) or cmd-a (mac). If you haven't, go to presentation > widgets and drag a text widget from the "available widgets" pane to the sidebar pane. If there isn't one there, go further down on the page to where it says, "text widgets" and increase the number of text widgets available and then click "save changes" and then drag a text widget up to the sidebar pane and put it where you want it.

    Click on the little icon at the right end of the text widget and a window will appear. Paste the code you copied from statcounter into the lower section of the widget by pressing ctrl-v (windows) or cmd-v (mac). Once the code is pasted click "save changes" and you are done.

  6. I wonder if there is a glitch or something. I am able to highlight the text I wish to copy but it just does not want to paste into the text widget. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong or not seeing here?

    American Bedu

  7. Okay, I've tried again but to no avail...the text widget simply does not accept any attempts on my part to add text. Do I try to add the text before or after moving the text widget to the "blog presentation?" But regardless of which way, when I try to click on where the "blue lines/title" are located, nothing happens. I've tried both left and right clicking as well as single or double clicking.

    This is the text I wish to insert:

    <a href=
    alt="website metrics" border="0">

    Look forward to suggestions.

    American Bedu

  8. what browser are you using when you try to edit the text widget?

  9. Sulz: I use internet explorer.

  10. Are you using IE6? The most used browser is Internet Explorer 6 and it does not play well with

    IE version Tip: The method to determine which version of Internet Explorer you are using follows:
    (1) With Internet Explorer open select ‘Help‘ from the top menu bar and click ‘About Internet Explorer‘ from the menu.
    (2) You will see the version of Internet Explorer displayed in the ‘Version:’ field just beneath the Internet

    If you are using IE7 perhaps you would like to upgrade to IE7 as it works very well with wordpress. If so here's the free download link

    HTH :)

  11. Edit: The last sentence should read:
    "If you are using IE6 perhaps ..."

  12. Also are you positive that the code posted above is the correct one? Can you give us the link to where you got the code so we can verify it, please?

  13. Time Thief:

    Thanks for your info. Yes; I have discovered I am using IE6. I'll try the upgrade to IE7.

    I am using the code which was generated from where I registered my blog.


  14. I want to thank everyone for their assistance and patience. I finally resolved the issue and it was much more simple than I realized. Seems part of the problem had to do with a defective mouse and as a result I was unable to open the text widget window in order to insert my text. It is now part of my blog and working fine.


  15. Thanks for returning and sharing how this issue was resolved.
    Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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