incorrect e-mail = no new password

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    hi… I just wrote a mail (which was answered and solved in just a couple of minutes, THANK YOU!) but I’ve got another problem…

    So: I started a blog when I had my e-mail “A” and my username “A”.

    NOW I have three new blogs under a new username “B” and I’ve also changed my server = e-mail address. So: I’ve forgotten the password of the blog “A” and when I ask the machine to mail me a new one, it of course tries to mail it to my e-mail “A” which does not exist at all anymore. Is possible to get access to my Blog A’s dashboard? I would very much like to update and run it again! Thank you guys for helping again and greetings from Finland!



    Click the Support link and tell me the old email address and I should be able to fix that.



    ok, done… impatient waiting……. ;O)

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