Incorrect letters in Turkish

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    In Turkish language, there is a distinction between the letters “i” (exactly like the “i” in the English alphabet) and “ı”, the latter being similar to the “i” but without the dot. When capitalized the small letter “ı” becomes “I” (exactly like the capitalized “I” in the English alphabet) and the small letter “i” becomes “İ”, the latter being similar to the capitalized “I” but without the dot. I noticed that in WordPress translations, both letters “i” and “ı” are shown as “I” when capitalized, which is incorrect. For example, the translation of “archives” into Turkish is “arşivler” in small letters or “ARŞİVLER” when capitalized.

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    mrziya: hello and thank you for providing your feedback!

    Could you please provide the URLs of the links where you see the incorrect capitalization? I can look into it further then.

    I see that you entered your suggestions and explanations in the translation fields of some terms on GlotPress for Actually, the explanations should not be entered there since the “translation” fields are used as-is when approved and deployed – and you would not want the explanation to appear in the interface, just the translation! :) You can learn more about how GlotPress works here.

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