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    I am part of a shared blog (a co-administrator) and it has come to my attention that the wrong meta tag is appearing with the blog. This additional information appeared when the link was shared in Facebook, and I have also confirmed when viewing the page information that the tag “description” has the information supplied by the fields “tagline” and “e-mail address” from the Dashboard > Settings > General page.

    I have changed the administration email address to the (shared ID) email address, but this has not changed the meta tag generated, and the old user (me) still appears in the “description” tag generated.

    [meta tag – description] “My blog’s tagline (by Incorrect User)”

    I do not think I am the blog’s primary owner, that should have been set up using the ‘shared ID’ (the shared ID is used for posting, rather than individual users), and the meta tag should have updated with the administration email change, but it has not. I need this fixed rather urgently, because it looks like it is my personal blog when it is not. I was unable to deal with this via WP support. This is a blog (not a .org blog).

    I can try changing the ownership to see if this resets the field, but I doubt that it will, given it did not change with the administration email. This meta tag needs to be updateable via the information on the Settings>General page, if it is generating them from that page, because it does not appear to function in this way. Note that the first part, generated by “tagline” updates instantly, but the second part of that (assumed to be generated by the primary administration address) does not. Please advise.



    What is the URL of the blog in question? Why were you unable to deal with this via WP support?


    Changing the blog ownership did work in re-setting the “description” meta tag, although the results were not as expected, as the only information in this tag is now the “tagline” information, without owner/user information.

    So the topic is resolved – and now for information only when someone else comes across the same problem.


    Why were you unable to deal with this via WP support?

    Raincoaster, cross-posted with you.
    I was unable to find a way to email support and report the problem I was having, the only links were taking me to ‘report to forum/community’ or something like that. I tried several different ways to get to a report to WP help.



    Ah, I keep telling them and they keep saying “The email is right in the forums.”

    Sure, if you dig deep enough.

    For future reference, it’s Support at WordPress dot Com.


    I had remembered that email address and was going to – but it was fairly urgent that the problem got resolved.

    It is just weird that the meta tag is made out of two fields like that, then you have to scratch your head and find out which is the second field – admin email or owner – turns out to be the latter.

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