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Incorrect photos displaying in previous blogs

  1. In previous blogs, some of the photos that display are the wrong ones. When I click on the photo the correct one appears, but when I go back to the blog it is still incorrect. Is this a bug or is there a fix!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't answer you without links to the posts or blogs you refer to. We need to examine them in order to provide answers.

  3. If your are using IE9 and editing posts then there is a bug that will not be fixed until next week.

  4. Sorry, the blog is . I was just viewing some older posts, not editing. Several of the older posts have 1 or 2 photos that display a different photo than the 1 that was originally there (and showed correctly when posted ). Each time when I click on the individual photo it shows correctly, but when I return to the blog it is still incorrect. Thanks

  5. PS. It may be in the iPad app that the issue occurs. When I of to the blog via safari on the iPad it displays correctly.

  6. Here's the link for the iOs forums
    You may want to post here so the developers are aware of the issue >
    This is just to be sure are you running the latest version of the app

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