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Incorrect redirection on for Bosnian

  1. Hello Zé,
    Redirection for Bosnian language on ("WordPress is also available in Bosanski") is incorrect. Currently it points to It should be Could you please correct that?


  2. Hi Kenan, should be pointing correctly now to is it working correctly on your end, as well?

  3. Hello Jenia,
    No, it's still the same. Here is a screenshot: (current is in the left bottom corner)

    After I click on the link I get " doesn’t exist. The address is reserved and cannot be registered, but you can sign up and choose another one."

  4. Kenan, thanks for sharing the screenshot, it is really helpful. It does seem that it needs to be fixed. At this point, I don't have a timeline for when this will be addressed. Thank you again for the report, we will be looking into this!

  5. This has been fixed Kenan, thank you so much for the report and your patience!

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