Incorrect Statistics for 2 Days

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    Why isn’t my stat counter working? Usually, when we upload a post and share on social media, we get at least 50 views. Our post yesterday was a guest post and advertised through all social media channels for 3 users and it is only reporting 7 views. I know I alone viewed the site more than 7 times that day!

    And then today, we posted again, and within an hour 4 new bloggers liked the post on WordPress. And I look at the stats and it’s showing 7 views… AGAIN!! I always like to measure the stats to see what’s popular and what’s not. That makes things more frustrating when you feel like you are unable to measure your true audience count.

    I hope someone can help! I always use Google Chrome (newest version) with shortlinks/full site name posted on social media channels.

    Thanks a million!

    The blog I need help with is



    If you’re logged in, you won’t be counted as a view. And guest posts get FAR less traction on blogs than posts by the actual blogger, unless the guest poster is famous or has enormous social media reach.

    People who read blogs through the Reader or RSS feeds can like a post but are not counted as Views.

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