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Incorrect stats

  1. The stats are not exact, they appear incorrect:
    numbers of visitors are wrong (they appear less than in the reality);
    viewers are exact.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. compassandcamera

    I'm noticing the same problem with stats for my blog. The daily number of visitors each day is incorrect. Number of visitors usually shows up as the dark blue bar on the bar graph, but the dark blue bar has disappeared. In the text next to the bar it says, for example:

    Views: 119
    Visitors: 1
    Views per visitor: 119

    Wondering if others are experiencing the same problem?

  3. I just noticed that all my VISITOR stats have all reverted to 1 visitor. It wasn't like that earlier in the day, so hopefully this will be fixed soon?

  4. musicreviews247

    All my visitors are one as well :(
    Crossing my fingers for a fix soon!

  5. I have this problem as well. Previously, the number of visitors seemed incorrect in that I would have 7 countries listed but only 4 visitors for example. This was a regular problem. Perhaps today's problem is a result of trying to improve the visitors stat? Guess we wait and see

  6. Hello,
    Us too. Our visitors have come down to 1. I wonder what went wrong.

    Thank you

  7. Same issue here... one visitor per day suddenly, thought the "views" stats seem to have stayed the same as before. What is happening?

    I base my posts on the number of visitors I get for a particular post... not knowing how many people actually viewed a post makes this more difficult!

  8. Same issue here. I see the visitor count as 1 for all the days

  9. compassandcamera

    My stats are fixed now - visitors are showing correctly. Thanks WP! Hope everyone else is seeing accurate numbers as well.

  10. yup. I see my stats fixed too.

  11. lucky you.
    with my blog problem is still there, has not been fixed yet..

  12. mine seems fixed now too... who knew? It was just a minor glitch?!

  13. is there anybody who knows how to contact the WP team, since my blog is in the same state, with no improvement?

  14. Mine have either been miscounting or I've had no visitors since Friday (*sob* and unusual)...

  15. There is an issue which discusses the same problem:

    Please continue the discussion there.

    Thank you for your co-operation. :-)

    Marking this as duplicate, and requestion this topic be closed. This in order to keep things streamlined.

  16. I am sorry, but this forum has started before the one you are referring to and can't be closed.
    Thank you

  17. Hi there, please visit the link posted already:

    I will close this thread and concentrate all user inquiries on this subject there.


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