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Incorrect subscriber location information

  1. Hi,

    National Corp is writing blogs for Corporate Transactions and Compliance and we added a subscription button on our blog via the widget that was provided with the theme. We tried to do a test subscription and when we got a notification stating that someone subscribed to our blog, the location of the subscriber is not correct. We tried using a personal email account to subscribe and its from NYC but then it still said that the subscribers locaiton is Marinette, Wisconsin.

    What is the issue? We tried talking to the programmer and he has no idea. Need help!

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That is a feature of the internet. Locations are based on your IP address not email the problems is that IP address are not always unique. I have one friend in Seattle WA and when he visits my site his location is Washington DC - has to do with the way that his ISP does the address and where their gateway is I think.

    Something like 15% of my visitors from the US can't be resolved to any location and I see differences in locations from one tracking tool to the next.

  3. Thanks for the help but I'm currently in NY, NY and it said that I'm from Marinette, Wisconsin. Does it have to do with where the network is set up?

  4. I think so - some "find your location" things can find your real location others will put down the main location of your ISP.

    Quite strange but many ISP's will also rotate the IP addresses for each page viewed.

    Maybe @thesacredpath will pitch in later on the location issue, he has some extra experience with wrong locations (the town he used to live in was always tagged as a different town about 350 miles away) - and I have commonly seen the wrong state for locations.

    I just chalk it up to "it's a feature" and don't worry much - if you really want to do locations you could add probably a Poll to your site or a contact form and ask for the state.

  5. Thank you very much for the help auxclass.

    I guess I will leave this up and hope @thesacredpath will pitch in to it. Thanks again.

  6. You be welcome

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