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    Is it possible using Custom CSS to increase the default Avatar size?

    If so, how do you do it?




    You can’t change the default image size; the ones on Cutline will always be 48px by 48px. You can enlarge the avatars with CSS, but because you’re only stretching small images rather than replacing them with larger ones the end result looks pretty bad. It certainly wouldn’t be worth buying the upgrade for, if that was the only reason you wanted it.

    If you already have the upgrade and want to confirm how bad it looks, pop this in your custom CSS box:

    .avatar {height:100px;



    Well, wank, how unfortunately right you are. I already have the Custom CSS thang and I tried your code and it worked great but it looks awful. (Sobbing!)

    In another thread Matt said the default Avatar sizes are 128×128, 96, 48, 32, and 16 and I tried all the larger one and they looked and misbegotten just as you said they would. Icky, if you will. So sad.

    Thanks for the superb help and the right answer!

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