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Increase font size in photo captions, origin template

  1. thisadventurouslifeblog

    Can someone assist me with increasing the heading font sizes for photo captions? Why on earth would they ever be created so small?! I am a blogger person with our blog at and am trying to get our site on WordPress, but having basic issues including readable font sizes for photo captions.

    Thanks for any and all help. Sorry for not speaking wordpress yet.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I do not help with CSS editing. This is the link to the Origin stylesheet so you can locate the selector

  3. I checked and I don't see any captions there right now. Can you link to a specific example of the small font size in captions on your blog?

  4. You have not provided enough information to proceed. I am going to mark this topic as resolved. If you still need help, please reply again and mark the topic as "not resolved" or start a new help request.

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