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Increase in SPAM activity or am I just awesome?

  1. Thursday and Friday I had a pretty huge spike in pageviews: 224 and 308 respectively. I did publish new posts on both days, and typically I've been seeing daily page views around 150-170 on such days.

    I did notice however that most of the views were to the homepage and not actual posts - though there was a decent amount of traffic to the new posts as well.

    I also have been seeing a lot more Spam comments as well - like 40 over the last 2 days when I normally get like 2-3 a day.

    Now I was pretty happy with these 2 new posts and though they were pretty good, so I was happy to see the spike in traffic, but I'm just wondering if it was really more to do with an increase in spam than anything else.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I should also mention that just about everyone of the new spam comments are coming from "users" with facebook URLs.

  3. aaroncohenphotography

    When I go to my Akismet Stats on my dashboard, it said I've had 58 spam comments in the last 6 months. I usually have about 70-350 page views a day, but because I have a photography blog, much of that is people clicking around to different images. I'd say that this spam activity is normal, I kept getting the same spam comment from one person over and over, so that could be some of your activity, just some third party application. However, mine didn't come from a facebook URL, but just a 404 website.

  4. I just had a spike in spam comments in the last three days. Ten in the past three days is a lot for me because my blog is so new. It's pretty random. I've had three spam comments today!

  5. @robrubin

    I should also mention that just about everyone of the new spam comments are coming from "users" with facebook URLs.

    Laietly I have been receiving a lot of these spam comments every day and marking them accordingly. I get more of them than legitimate comments every day. It's clear to me that the people submitting these comments under Facebook URL logins are primarily ESL speakers who are being paid to spam our blogs.

  6. "Laietly" was meant to be "Lately" sorry :( Just to add that this "spike" in spammers with Facebook URls leaving bogus comments is a real one that's happening on other blogs as well.

  7. I'd like 'em better if they cood spel rite -

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