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Increase in spam not caught by Akismet

  1. educatedeviate

    For the past week or so, I've been getting plenty of spam comments that have bypassed Akismet's spam search. They're not that different from typical spam - plenty of unrelated nonsensical URLs, grammatically incorrect sentences, and so on.

    What happened to Akismet? Why isn't it catching spam as well as it used to?

  2. There has been some weirdness in the spam for the past few days. I've noticed some spam slipping through, quite alot being caught in Moderate, and very little in the normal Spam file until last night. I would guess that spammers have changed their IPs or something and that Akismet is having to learn those are spam comments. The only one's I've noticed slipping through are the ones with one or no links in the body of the text; it's still catching the long lists of links, either in Spam or in Moderation.

  3. Bunches of new Spam in my moderation queue today. It's taking a long time for the system to move them into the Spam file after being identified. Something new is, indeed, afoot!

  4. Tag them as spam so that they get sent in. That way the system can learn. :)

  5. I had no problem (apparently) with Akismet until about 5AM EST February 3, and then they just started pouring through. I've been tagging them, but they are arriving about 20/hr. I don't look forward to cleaning the mess when I return later.

  6. The problem with Akismet is fixed.
    Apologies for it letting the garbage spam through.

  7. thetimehascome


  8. Yes, thanks to staff :)

  9. thereflectiveteacher

    Mark: I thought you guys were taking weekends now, but here you are. Fixing things. Instead of taking a break. Which you deserve.

    Thanks for fixing things, though. :)

  10. Thanks, Mark! You guys rock :)

  11. Thank you Mark and company ... no apology required.

  12. Yay.

    Man, it's pretty crazy how much can get through when Akismet isn't working.

  13. Good job yet again guys. My comments will stay moderated all the same. Even the fact that Akismet borked the last couple of days it is still amazing that my spam has doubled in a month!

  14. I'm with you. There's no way I would open my comments from being moderated. As you say the spam has doubled so thank goodness for Akismet.

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