Increase in spam?

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    Are others noticing an increase in spam comments showing up outside of spam queue? I am noticing several spam/comment emails showing up lately.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes. The spam count goes up and down and now that the Christmas season is over the count is swelling again. SHRUG … mark spam as spam and blog on. :)



    I would think support should look into Akismet to identify the increase, particularly why are they skipping the queue.

    Do you think there is a relevance to Christmas season?


    This happens all the time. Spammers change tactics to get around the spam filter, the spam filters move to counter them and then they again change tactics. I just came out of 3 months of heavy spam on my site and a couple of client sites where we were seeing anywhere from 100 to 1200 per day with anywhere 5-20 per day not getting caught. Just mark them as spam so that Akismet can learn and start catching them. Now different sites I administer are getting hit hard.

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