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increase number of recent comments shown?

  1. Is there anyway to show more than 5 recent comments in the recent comment widget?

  2. I don't believe so. I think it may be set by default.

  3. Nope. But if enough of us send it in thru feedback, perhaps they will change it :)

  4. I don't get it so I'm not inclined to jump on this bandwagon. All comments corresponding with all posts are just a click away if any reader wants to read them. That's why I don't get why increasing the number of comments grouped together in the sideabar is desirable. Please explain what useful purpose a lengthy string of them in the sidebar serves. Is it a vanity thing or what?

  5. I think both Recent Posts and Recent Comments should be configurable by the user, like we can do with the number posts on the page. Right now, the number of Recent Posts is 10 while the number of Recent Comments is only 5. The problem for me is not vanity - instead, people are commenting on different posts and I would like more of them to show, especially since sometimes the posts they are commenting on are no longer on the front page.

    There is no way for visitors to know that older posts have recent comments on them.

    The other thing is that I try to comment back to my readers and what ends up happening is that the Recent Comments are sometimes all just my responses.

    If the widget is fixed, it should at least be 10 comments. 5 is just too few.

  6. I understand you now. It's actually an "on the front page issue". The fact that we do answer those who comment means that we ourselves could be accounting for the whole five comments being shown on the front page in the sidebar in any given day. However, if a reader clicks on any one of those comments that are shown whether or not it's our comment he or she will find all the other comments relating to that post so that's not a huge problem. Anyone who's following the post will follow the comments.

    The problem arises when folks comment on posts that are not on the front page and we comment in response because their comments can quickly disappear. And the casual reader may not find their way to the posts with comments that do not appear on the first page.

    If it's an issue for you now I think there are there are two work around possibilities.
    (1) You could choose to use a sidebar widget to account for five more commenters names and post titles linked to the actual comments on the post.
    (2) Alternatively, establishing a page that links to the actual comments on the post could achieve the same purpose.

  7. Um - your #1 IS the comments sidebar widget. There is only one of those widgets available so there is no way to get 5 *more*. (Regulus doesn't have comments built into the theme.)

    Choice #2 is unworkable because it requires too much upkeep for me. I just hope that the folks here at WordPress make the Recent Posts and Recent Comments widgets configurable - like the RSS widget.

  8. Vivian you misunderstood my number (1). Yes, we do already have an automatically updating recent comments widget. Yes, I understand what you want is for its capacity to display comment links on the front page in the sidebar doubled.

    What I was suggesting was that you could use a text widget to create your own "recent comments" to hold as many comment links on the front page in the sidebar as you want. While it's true that it wouldn't automatically update it's also true that you'd only have to enter a single line of text for each comment link (eg. ralph on voting procedure).

    My number (2) suggestion is the same thing - create a page and enter one line of text for each comment link eg. ralph on voting procedure).

    The whole point of suggesting work arounds to you was the timeframe thing - if it's an issue for you now, you could address it now, while you're waiting. That's what I was suggesting.:)

  9. I don't know why easy questions gets a very difficult answers. What the person who asked for this is to have 10 Comments appeared on the widget sidebar. If it's addable or just 5. Period.

    As to this Comment thingy, I asked for the same purpose, can add a widget for Most Commented Posts? I know not everything is difficult but it can be possible.

    Thank you.

  10. knoizki - I'm surprised that an old hand at blogging like you, who has already sent a request for a "most commented posts" widget and which is a different subject than the one in this thread, hasn't already devised a workaround, while you're ranging around waiting.

  11. Hmmm, I thought it was 10 as well. I'm sending in a Feedback as well.

    At least make it and the Recent Posts widget chooseable.

  12. Thanks for your support, drmike!

  13. Feedback sent. (Thanks, TT)

  14. I wanted to bump this up. We've had quite a few enhancements to WP lately which, while nice, are just not as useful to meas a user-configurable recent comments widget would be. At the minimum, an increase from 5 to 10 would be helpful.

  15. Good idea.:)

  16. Agree, if we could have more comments showing in the sidebar that would be great. Much needed.

  17. I would like to have this widget also configurable, or just 10 instead of 5. Sent in Feedback also.

  18. yup! a really useful feature to show more comments... like 10
    sent in feedback too :)

  19. What you can do is subscribe to your own comments RSS feed to get up to 10 comments. It doesn't look as neat, but it is workable. I've put it up on my page at as an example beneath Recent Posts.

  20. Just made the change. I like it. Thanks for the good idea alunsalt. I'll use this until the Comments widget is changed (pretty please). :-)

  21. I would send in feedback...

  22. The work around won't work for me as I have increased my comments feed to a 50 (needed for an aggregator). So, I'm still waiting on the Recent Comments widget to be updated.

    electicgeek - I used some info from your text widgets to make my site look a little better (the li for the top posts). Love that others know HTML - I can learn from it :)

  23. drmike: Feedback sent. Thanks for the nudge.

    vivianpaige: Surprised you actually made your way through that wilderness I call a sidebar. ;-) Glad I could help.

  24. actually, I grabbed the subscriptions, too, but when I put them it, it forced my last text widget to the top underneath another one. So I took it out. I guess Regulus sidebar area must be fixed length.

  25. @electicgeek - I really love how you do your top 30 posts. How did you do that? Looks like you used a text widget? Was just thinking yesterday that I'd love to do that.

  26. vivianpaige - You beat me to it. Just found that thread. Don't know what to tell you about the text widget problem. If Regulus is fixed length, I'll be limited very soon.

    britgirl - Thank sulz for the great idea. I just added bullets.

  27. Vivian - thanks a bunch - I will.

  28. @eclecticgeek
    The length of your front page is dictated by the number of posts that you specify to be displayed on your front page -> dashboard -> options -> reading - > reading options -> blog pages - > show at most [ ] posts.

    Somewhere in the forum search box you'll find a thread that indicates a lower number of posts is preferred by readers. Keep the length of time to load the page on dial-up service in mind. Also note that most folks don't want to scroll down for more than a few articles.

  29. Hi timethief. I was concerned because if vivianpaige can't get a widget on her page from a fixed length problem, I won't be too far behind.

    Yep. Thought about the number of posts displayed. Figured people looking for medical information would want as much as possible. I have a dial-up connection (Gasp! I know, I know). Not very many images so the site loads OK. Guess I'm my own guinea pig in that respect.

    I'll check out the thread you suggested and give it some more thought. Anything that makes my visitors more comfortable is fine by me. Thanks for the tip.

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