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increase number of recent comments shown?

  1. @ECG,@VP @drmike @sulz - thanks very much! I did it. Very simple using drmike's route to the dashboard link Decided to do 6, but now I know how to amend the code I can always increase/decrease them. I also decided to omit the number of views. Thanks again all.

  2. TT - I wasn't talking about the page itself, I was talking about the sidebar. It seems that there is something in the length of the sidebar that is limited. I put another text widget into my sidebar (one containing subscriptions) and it forced the last one up to the top underneath my About text box.

  3. Hhmmm thanks for letting me know about this Viv I had yet to run into it yet. :)

  4. timethief: Much thanks for finding those threads for me. Before I saw them, I was thinking perhaps the 10 posts I display on my front page was a little high. Didn't realize that some bloggers will have a month's worth displayed. I'll stick with my 10. ;-)

    Still don't know what to say about the widget issue that vivianpaige is seeing. I have other things I want to stick in the sidebar. This could be a problem.

  5. So y'all can see what I'm talking about, I just put back in the subscriptions text widget. This time, I dropped it at the bottom of the list. Note that the Feed thingee is now at the bottom of the page.

    When I dropped it in before that last text box, it caused the last text box to go up to the top of the sidebar and show up underneath my About box.

  6. Glad you got the subscriptions up even if under strange circumstances. Your footer is also acting weird (at least for me). I see it spread across the full length of the bottom of my screen. Does anyone else see this?

  7. I'm not seeing the footer spread out like you said. I checked in Mozilla and IE. What browser are you using?

  8. I use Mozilla Firefox ( OK, now I feel crazy. ;)

  9. No - not crazy. Firefox is different from Mozilla and may display differently.

  10. Forgot I also have Mozilla. Checked that and IE. All have the same footer spread. Guess my computer is crazy. (lol)

  11. I have IE and mozilla firefox ( and vivian's blog looks fine to me eclectic. This "limitation" does give rise to remembrance of the "sideblog" issue or shall I just zip my lip on that viv? (lol) Anyway when Fauns beta 5 is released with all the built in customizeable features, asides, heart marked favorite posts and changeable headers to boot it may provide a solution. This is for eclectic -

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